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22nd - 28th of January 2024 in the Swiss mountains

Full Moon Sound Celebration: Welcome

Are you longing to live more in alignment with your deepest soul yearnings?

Are you ready to enjoy and expand your full expression to further embody the New Earth frequency in your own life?

We invite women and men to come together and remember how we used to gather in tribe and celebrate life in sacredness and joy! 

We invite you to come together and explore how living in alignment with the cyclical rhythm of the moon allows us to open up and let our true nature come through!

We invite you to come together in our Sound Temple and experience how sound can be used as a powerful way to deeply connect with ourselves, with others and with nature around us!

During this Full Moon Sound Celebration in the stunning and pure snowy mountains of Swiss, we will gather with sisters and brothers in one physical place to enjoy a moment of deep nourishment, inspiration and growth simply by being in each other's presence and sharing our wisdom and gifts in joyful ways. Together, we will discover different ways to use sound, our voice and intuitive creativity to embrace and celebrate our colorful wholeness in all its primal and multidimensional shapes and forms. On this inner journey, tribe and cacao will be supportive guides on each step of the way!

This is not a fully catered retreat, nor is it a holiday. Rather see it as a modern-day initiation where transformation will take place in ceremony and play! We feel called to simply open, hold and be together in the field of what truly wants to happen, in a place where it feels safe and free to follow our joy, longings and body-led impulses. It is furthermore an invitation to consciously live together as a tribe with each of us taking part in our own way in the “daily love-actions” such as preparing meals, cleaning, heating up the fire etc. A warning in advance: Gathering in this way may activate a multidimensional soul remembrance that will support you to take some inspired bold steps in your life :)!

Full Moon Sound Celebration: About

The 5 ingredients forming the magic mix

of this gathering

Full Moon Sound Celebration: Text
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The full moon invites us to connect with the feminine. Our deepest inner intuitive wisdom can come to the surface in this special moment of the moon cycle. During this week, we will hold a safe container in which we can let ourselves be guided by our intuition and inspired by the cyclical way of life. We will find balance between structure and surrendered co-creative flow, between time alone and time in tribe, between stillness/rest and movement/sound, between ritual and play.


For thousands of years, people have been using sound as a way to journey within themselves and to travel over time and space. The power of sound has been used to unify, harmonize and depolarize in many different cultures. During this gathering, we will access and embody those memories in our own being and experience how sound may lit us up, open us, cut through our bullshit and let us fall through layers and veils of protection to move into deeper connection. In a safe and playful way, we will freely express ourselves and connect to the goodness that lies beyond every single sound, ranging from silence to lion(ness)roar and from sacred songs to multidimensional channeling. Together we will journey beyond inhibitions and support each other in voicing our truth. We will “step out of the way” and let the magic of sound reveal itself to us!



In this gathering, we will find our own ways to connect with nature and its elements. Whether that is dancing or sounding with the trees, rolling in the snow or making snow art, running or whistling with the wind, drumming or sitting silently around the fire, star/moon-gazing or enjoying the warmth of the sun. We will go outside to immerse ourselves in nature and explore what gifts and wisdom the earth has to share with us. (And there will be the additional reward of a fire or hot sauna after coming back in again :)!) We will invite the pure whiteness of the snow to touch us deeply in the purity of our soul.


Gathering on earth with soul-inspired dedication will be an opportunity to remember the magic of tribe for effortless growth, joy and nourishment. We will explore how we can harvest the power of togetherness to open ourselves for the New Earth frequency and increase our personal and tribal vibration. We will experience how staying authentic and true to our heart, our personal longings and boundaries will also serve the whole. During this week, we will live together and create conscious time to be in circle, ritual and play with each other. This will allow us to recognize and value the mirrors reflected to us by each and everyone. Again a warning: there is serious potential of you having a sense of coming home and (re)-connecting to your soul-family. Let’s enjoy that together!



Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala is a sacred and gentle teacher for our hearth. Journeying with it for a week in combination with intention and sound, will allow healing and surrendering to the flow of love in our heart.

Full Moon Sound Celebration: News
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Full Moon Sound Celebration: FAQ


We will gather in a large house in the middle of nature with astonishing views on the Swiss mountains in Spiringen. As the house is at 1400m, we will most probably be surrounded by the purity and peacefulness of the white snow. More info, you can find here. 

This FULL MOON SOUND CELEBRATION is from the 22nd to the 28th of February 2024.


  • Sound & Cacao circles with guided practices, intuitive sounding and co-creating sound and music landscapes to free our voice, sink into our bodies and express what is alive in us.

  • Time in nature - both alone and as guided nature activations in tribe 

  • Integration time in silence

  • Full Moon Ceremony

  • Temple evening with sound, movement and touch 

  • Sauna time and time around the fire

  • Co-creative mealtime (with organic ingredients for mainly vegan meals)

  • 6 nights in shared rooms


Shared room and full board (organic mainly vegan meals that we prepare together and daily cacao):

999 Euro

Early bird price (before the 13th of December):

888 Euro

BONUS: When you bring someone with you, you get the discounted price.

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I am a soul sounder and tribe facilitator using nature as my sacred playing field. An education in SoulVoice fired up my passion to share with others the power of our voice as a tool of self-connection by accessing our deep body wisdom and for expressing our purest self in all its human rawness and multidimensionality. 

My experience as a circle facilitator convinced me of the potential of (personal) transformation when we bring ourselves in connection with others in a field of safety, freedom and loving support.

And nature… I simply love being in nature with its wildness, the elements, the cyclical rhythm of the moon and the sun, the nature beings and its incredible beauty allowing me to align and remember my deepest truth!

Full Moon Sound Celebration: About


Rinske is an intuitive artist and priestess, who loves to live in alignment with the moon cycle and in service of the Earth. She uses intuitive painting, touch and sacred temple work as important medicines to inspire others to remember their innocent, ecstatic nature and open up to their full soul potential. She believes that when we dare to be unique and express ourselves freely, we will create a new world of oneness together.

Rinske graduated as life therapist and uses her skills in coaching, reading and energetic healing during her own painting processes as well as in workshops and individual sessions. As nature is her biggest medicine, she loves to be outside, and tries to organize as much as possible outdoors.

More about Rinske:

Full Moon Sound Celebration: About


Steffi de Jong

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