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Sound your deep

feminine nature alive, guided by the moon; 

our wisdom keeper for a cyclical rhythm

of life



Are you longing to live a life where you express your womb wisdom and creative life force freely and authentically in alignment with (your) wild nature?
Are you curious to explore and enjoy the richness and sacredness of your womb, the power of your voice and the magic of the moon?

Do you want to experience how coming together in sisterhood can support you in remembering the sound of your soul?

The time to do it all alone is over. There is immense power when women come together and celebrate, encourage and support each other in connecting deeper with their womb and the lunar phases to access and liberate their innate orgasmic nature, their creative power and their intuitive knowing. When we come together in sisterhood as a channel for the moon’s wisdom, a portal opens that allows us to remember who we truly and fully are.

On this journey of 1 moon cycle, we come together for 4 online Sound Temples, 1 during each moon phase. In this period, you will get a taste of how sinking into your body and aligning with the rhythm of your cycle (whether you still experience this physically or not) and the moon’s cycle opens you into your deep feminine nature and into more joy and freedom. 

We will experience and honor the different energies, qualities and elemental invitations that the four moon phases have to offer, through rituals and playful connection time. Each ceremony will be a balanced mix between guided practices, transmissions and moving with what is alive in the moment. We will connect with ourselves and each other through sound, movement, touch and honest open sharing. 


Come journey with us and (re)discover your voice, your sacred womb wisdom, and step into a new way of living!! 

Open into your deep feminine nature and experience more joy and freedom


  • Live with the natural cycles of your moon and of the cosmic moon, so that you experience more ease and joy as life can now flow through you.

  • Awaken your deep womb wisdom so you are naturally connected to your wild nature, uninhibited life force, sensuality, sacred sexuality and pleasure  

  • Rebalance your inner world by learning when to turn inwards, reflect, let go, rest, listen, tune in to your intentions, and when to go outwards, rise, get things done, move, play, gather and celebrate.

  • Discover the true power of your voice (in sharing your truth, expressing emotions, channeling, healing, celebrating, connecting, praying and receiving).

  • Explore how sound, the elements, (daily) rituals and play can serve you in aligning deeper with your free and alive nature

  • Dissolve physical, emotional and spiritual blockages so you can thrive as the colorful being you are with your unique gifts.

  • ​Remember the ancient and future ways.

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  • Receive inspiration around moon rituals to experience a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for your natural cycle (whether you still physically experience this or not).

  • Be guided into 3 different sound practices to deepen the connection with your womb, to open the womb-heart-throat connection and to align yourself with the womb of the earth and the cosmic womb.

  • Be invited to share your own womb wisdom the guidance of the moon as a way of weaving our voices into a high frequency vision of the earth.


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Date and time


on Zoom from 19h00-20h30

(replays available)

  • NEW MOON - Death and Rebirth - Water Element : Tuesday 7th of May

  • FIRST QUARTER - Rising - Air Element : Wednesday 15th of May 

  • FULL MOON - Celebration - Fire Element : Wednesday 22nd of May 

  • LAST QUARTER - Integration - Earth Element : Thursday 30th of May

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Session themes

We work with different themes depending on what is alive in the moment:

  • Womb wisdom: Trust and follow your intuitive knowing by listening to and expressing the messages of your womb

  • Moon Wisdom: Awaken your free and alive nature by reconnecting with the rhythm of the moon

  • Elemental wisdom: Algin and balance yourself by attuning to the elements, connected to the moon phases.

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For the complete journey:

EUR 160,-

EUR 90,- (for women between 18 and 25)

If you want to dive deeper in exploring the power of your womb (wisdom), I offer the option to add an (online) 1-on-1 Sound Temple Session of 1 hour where I will guide you in channeling and embodying your higher intentions directly into your womb with (your) sounds, movements and healing touch:
EUR 110,- extra


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"Steffi intuitively channels the wisdom of the cycles through her embodied experience of living in alignment with her feminine forces. I gained so much understanding and compassion for my own cycle in relationship to the moon’s cycle!.”



I am a Sound Temple Keeper, Womb Awakener, Mother and Sisterhood Weaver using nature as my sacred playing field! I share my gift of awakening the power of the voice and using the magic of sound as a tool for deep healing and transformation. With my presence, I transmit a deep sense of sisterhood, embodied womb wisdom, and a joyful, wild and free connection to nature.


An education in SoulVoice and work with Sounds of Light fired up my passion to share with others the power of sound and our voice as a tool for accessing our deep body wisdom and for liberating and expressing our purest self in all its human rawness and multidimensionality. My experience as a circle facilitator convinced me of the potential of (personal) transformation when we bring ourselves in connection with others in a field of safety, freedom and loving support. Carrying memories of oneness and sisterhood on a cellular level as a twin in this world and on a soul level from many lives with women in ancient temples, allows me to naturally transmit this healthy connection between sisters.


And nature… I simply love being in nature with its wildness, the elements, the cyclical rhythm of the moon and the sun, the nature beings and its incredible beauty allowing me to align and remember my deepest truth!


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