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I am a Sound Temple Keeper, Womb Initiator, Moon Priestess, Mother and Sisterhood/Tribe Weaver using nature as my sacred playing field. 
My vision is of a world where we live in harmony with ourselves and each other and in alignment with the cyclical rhythm of (our) nature. A world where the magic of sound and sisterhood/tribe is remembered and enjoyed as a way of living, co-creating and unifying just as we have done for thousands of years across the universe.

Through my programs, retreats and temples, I aim to inspire and ignite a deeper understanding of how we together can
 free our voices and use the power of sound as a way to (re)connect to our most wild and free nature as individuals and as tribe.





One of the most important values and skills for “successfully” living in tribe is the ability to speak freely. To share our needs, our boundaries and stand in our truth in openness, curiosity and fierce love. Daring to speak up!


Opening our voices through sound can be such a catalyser for doing so! That is why I love supporting others to open their voices and connect deeper with their actual truth, their body wisdom and expressing it in authentic ways. Because it is not only liberating for ourselves, but essential in improving our connection with others while living in relationship, in family, in tribe and in connection with nature!


Kamla Marie Bluhm

Diving into the sacred sound healing sessions with Steffi, I feel safe all the way. Addressing some of my deepest issues around womb healing and sexual trauma, I always feel so much love, support and compassion. Steffi's openness and acceptance creates a safe space for me to express myself fully and to embrace who I truly am. I am glad to give her my highest recommendations.


I am a Sound Temple Keeper, Womb Initiator, Mother and Sisterhood Weaver using nature as my sacred playing field! I share my gift of awakening the power of the voice and using the magic of sound as a tool for deep healing and transformation. With my presence, I transmit a deep sense of sisterhood, embodied womb wisdom and a joyful, wild and free connection to nature.


An education in SoulVoice and work with Sounds of Light fired up my passion to share with others the power of sound and our voice as a tool for accessing our deep body wisdom and for liberating and expressing our purest self in all its human rawness and multidimensionality. My experience as a circle facilitator convinced me of the potential of (personal) transformation when we bring ourselves in connection with others in a field of safety, freedom and loving support. Carrying memories of oneness and sisterhood on a cellular level as a twin in this world and on a soul level from many lives with women in ancient temples, allows me to naturally transmit this healthy connection between sisters.


And nature… I simply love being in nature with its wildness, the elements, the cyclical rhythm of the moon and the sun, the nature beings and its incredible beauty allowing me to align and remember my deepest truth!

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Steffi de Jong

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