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Are you longing to open and explore the power of your voice?

Do you want to experience the magic of sound as a way to express the full range of your being?

Are you curious about learning ways that will support you in letting go of what no longer serves and connect with your joy and essence?

During a Sound Temple session, I hold a Sound Temple frequency that will allow you to sink deeply into your body and either receive my healing sounds or free your own sounds in safe and playful ways. 

Each session is different, based on the intention we set in the beginning.

In a "passive" session, I will sound into your (energetic) body and use healing touch to clear blockages, release pain and tension and allow relaxation into your different systems (body parts, organs, glands, chakra's for example). 

In an "active" session, I will support you in using your voice to connect deeply with your body and express what is alive in you. I can also support you in opening your channel for light language and guidance to come through.

I offer the possibility to add Sacred Cacao to the session as way to open up even more to healing and surrendering to the flow of love in our heart.  


Kamla Marie Bluhm

Diving into the sacred sound healing sessions with Steffi, I feel safe all the way. Addressing some of my deepest issues around womb healing and sexual trauma, I always feel so much love, support and compassion. Steffi's openness and acceptance creates a safe space for me to express myself fully and to embrace who I truly am. I am glad to give her my highest recommendations.

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Outdoor sessions are in the Loonse and Drunense Duinen. For indoor sessions, I use a beautiful sacred space in Bussum. I am open for other options if that works better logistically.


A Sound Temple session takes around 1,5 hour.


A Sound Temple session costs 110 EUR.

A Sound & Cacao Temple session costs 130 EUR.

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