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25th of May and 8th of June

Sound & Cacao Temples: Welcome

Are you longing to let your magical inner child come out (more) to express its innate creativity, innocent sensuality and joyful aliveness?

Are you curious to experience how sound and your voice can help you connect to this part of yourself?

In these Sound & Cacao Temples, we invite you to come together in nature and experience how embodied sound and cacao will support us to sink into our bodies and deeply connect with our inner feminine, inner masculine and inner child. In playful and authentic ways, we will express what comes alive in us in each of these connections. All along, we will support you to stay in touch with the goodness that lies beyond every single sound, ranging from soft whisper to lion(ness)roar and from tribal song to light language. Together we will journey beyond our inhibitions and encourage each other in giving voice to these different parts so that they can come into more alignment. Because it is in this alignment that our inner child will feel safe, held and welcome to play and express its full range! 

For these evening, nature will be our sacred temple and playground. Cacao and tribe will be our guiding allies. Embodied sound, movement and touch will be our tools to allow what wants to happen to unfold. We will “step out of the way” and let the magic of sound reveal itself to us!

These Sound & Cacao Temples are for everyone with a voice :) and no prior experience with sound or cacao is needed to participate in this evening!

Sound & Cacao Temples: About



Date and location

Thursday 11th of May from 19h to 21h30 - Inner Feminine Temple
Thursday 25th of May from 19h to 21h30 - Inner Masculine Temple
Thursday 8th of June from 19h to 21h30 - Inner Child Temple

Loonse and Drunense Duinen (exact location will be communicated after registration).



  • Intention setting with sacred cacao

  • Tuning in with silence/movement/touch/nature

  • Voice opening exercises

  • Intuitive sound practices to sink into our bodies and connect to the different parts

  • Co-creative meeting points with sound, movement and touch

  • Integrational sharing from the heart



Participation in the three evenings costs EUR 90,-.

It is possible to join only one evening for EUR 35,-.

Sound & Cacao Temples: News


I am a soul sounder and tribe facilitator using nature as my sacred playing field. An education in SoulVoice fired up my passion to share with others the power of our voice as a tool of self-connection by accessing our deep body wisdom and for expressing our purest self in all its human rawness and multidimensionality. 

My experience as a circle facilitator convinced me of the potential of (personal) transformation when we bring ourselves in connection with others in a field of safety, freedom and loving support.

And nature… I simply love being in nature with its wildness, the elements, the cyclical rhythm of the moon and the sun, the nature beings and its incredible beauty allowing me to align and remember my deepest truth!

Sound & Cacao Temples: About


Rinske is an intuitive artist and priestess, who loves to live in alignment with the moon cycle and in service of the Earth. She uses intuitive painting, touch and sacred temple work as important medicines to inspire others to remember their innocent, ecstatic nature and open up to their full soul potential. She believes that when we dare to be unique and express ourselves freely, we will create a new world of oneness together.

Rinske graduated as life therapist and uses her skills in coaching, reading and energetic healing during her own painting processes as well as in workshops and individual sessions. As nature is her biggest medicine, she loves to be outside, and tries to organize as much as possible outdoors.

More about Rinske:

Sound & Cacao Temples: About
Sound & Cacao Temples: Testimonials
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Vera de Bever

I’ve done multiple sessions with Steffi; private and ceremonies. She helps me to reconnect with my body and always knows what is needed in that moment. Her sounds and energy help me to let go of (old) triggers and trauma. Steffi is very grounded and connected to nature; every time I work with her, I feel that (nature) part in me growing as well. In the group ceremonies I was invited to go out of my comfort zone at first as it was difficult to really use my voice. But I’ve grown much more confident with it. Also because I always feel safe in the space that Steffi holds. It’s great to connect, sound and

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